If you are business owner, company or shop owner and you are looking for some unique solution in eCommerce then would be much better to hire Dedicated Magento Developer.

Because Dedicated Magento/Magento2 developer is:

  1.  - highly-skilled and fully qualify specialist
  2.  - focusing only on your project, your project has high priority
  3.  - searching together with you for optiomal and best solution, which fits your needs
  4.  - flexable and reachable 24hours/day
  5.  - keep in private all your info (Company name, and services, also code, written for your needs, never will be used)

 Before send us request for hiring Dedicated Magento Developer, you should have a clear overview of you wants to be made, it's should be well documented. So you have Statement of Work(SOW). Also you should arrange ssh/ftp and mysql credentials for your development envinrolment and make it accessable for our developer. Keep in mind, if you hire developer from us for first time, it might take time to get all nesseccary information and access, so developer will be not able to work in same day.

Hourly rate is 75,00 EUR.

For first time, minimum hours request  - 6 hours.

If you have some questions, send us e-mail on info@algostore.com